Cat-a-Bliss … Origin

img_2029Kiara and her family live a few miles away and on Sundays, we usually get together with her family and some other mutual friends for lunch. Well, a few months ago, as we were chatting and sharing while eating, I mentioned that evil Chester Moreau (mega villain in Sea Purrtector Files) had created irresistible blends of catnip in The Vi-Purrs. I thought this was a minor plot point, but apparently Kiara found the idea riveting and began investigating catnip. SO, a chit-chat over Sunday dinner seems to be turning her into a drug dealer for cats.

I’ve heard of stranger things.11998273_10204871145274429_2026017874_n

She has one type that looks like photos I’ve seen of pot buds. I told her that I didn’t know if was wise to market that blend, until some future point in time when weed is actually legal … she thinks it is an excellent joke, but since M and Purr weren’t particularly interested in it, thankfully, she has been focused on flavor instead of visual look.

images-3Recently, I’ve been ribbing her about her ‘drug empire’, but I worry that she will have ‘visual samples’ in her little black bag, get tossed in jail as a dealer and not let out, until someone is smart enough to do a lab test her product… do criminal labs even have catnip in their databases???  And did you know there are 50-something strains of ‘nip? When I recently asked if she’d given up the visual idea, she said, “I still mix them with some broken up nip but the buds make excellent toys without being placed in anything and the cats love them.” <sigh> I guess I still need to worry about her getting arrested, but she is correct – her beta testers do love playing with those buds.

One comment over lunch and I’ve learned more than I ever realized there was to know about catnip… and yes, Chester Moreau is still using catnip as part of his evil plan in The Vi-Purrs, but I am confident that Xander will prevail.


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