Purrseidon Investigates the Bag

Before I get into telling you about Purrseidon investigating Kiara’s empty ‘nip bag, may I wish you happy Friday CSiT9-dUcAElZAwand have a wonderful weekend! Now, let me tell you about this black bag…

After Kiara began creating her ‘designer nip blends’ she carried samples for her beta testers ( a.k.a. Purrseidon and Mr. M) in the black bag pictured here with Ms. Purr:

P1130734 Obviously, Purrseidon finds this bag very interesting. Unfortunately, for her, at time of this photo was taken, the bag was empty. (a very disappointing discovery) So disappointing that she literally crawled into the bag … you notice that she is a lot bigger than that bag, correct? However, since cats seem to have the ability adn flexibility to turn themselves into some form of liquid, she managed to do it and found this dried up flower. P1130718

Pitiful, isn’t it? Her disappointed expression suggests that it was not what she’d hoped to find.  I’m not sure what types of catnip Kiara uses in her blends, but whatever she is doing seems to trump the 50% of cats who don’t have the gene that makes them susceptible. Mr. M was never particularly interested in ‘nip prior to this, either. However, my dear ole furball has been positively amorous and frisky which is why I’ve been wondering about ‘nip being good for arthritis and considering testing some on myself, too. … I can only imagine the reaction I’d get from Mr. M and Ms. Purr if they saw me tasting their ‘nip!


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