Catnip Testing – Phase 2 – More Results

Ellen said, “Thank you so much for the care package you sent my kitties. Those bats are adorable and that nip is good stuff. I got a video of Joanie enjoying some.”007
Ziggy was the first one to receive a package and he opened it all by himself. They tried to put it up where he could not get to it and somehow he ran off with a bag and they found him hanging out with the turtle.
Lessie kept trying to knock her package off the table and eventually, she opened hers too. It took her awhile because she was happy playing with the envelope. Her mom is impressed  – catnip mice never last a day. 12202594_765567086888768_996571955_n
Milo and his sister Kitty Me have only tested Purrseidons Purrferred. Milo is usually a very busy active boy who enjoys hunting, instead he curled up in his mom’s lap and laid there contentedly. His sister is usually anti-social, anti play, anti-toys – she loved it and played for a long time. They will try out Mister M’s Special Blend, later.
 12204756_883666358348825_1196947549_n mia
Two of Heike’s cats (sorry, no photos) who are usually not very excited about catnip went nuts for Purrseidon’s Preferred.  We only tested it on those who were usually unimpressed and they definitely were with Purrseidon’s Preferred!
So far all reviews are good and everyone said their cats liked Purrseidons Purrferred  and Mister M’s Special Blend. These are not available in stores, yet.  At the moment, the only way to get the blends is to have your kitten be a tester. is the facebook page for information on how your furiend could become a tester.

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