Happy Meow-O-Ween/ First Samples.

Mr. M and Ms Purrseidon were privileged to be first phase testers… and I was surprised when Mr. M actually was interested in ‘nip – since beginning testing these blends, the dear old gentleman has been acting spryer. Makes me wonder if ‘nip is good for arthritis. Reports from 2nd phase testers continue to be positive.


Last week: I sent off 5 special gift baggies containing Purrseidon’s Purrferred and Mister M’s Special blend. Both these mixes are highly potent and 100% organic kitty mixes.

This week: I am getting messages about cats opening mail… yes catS (I guess they do not know it is illegal to open others mail), older cats acting like kittens again, some staring at walls, one even climbed into a turtle tank, and about how they can not find anywhere to keep the baggies without their furbabies finding it.  I had that problem too. I store it in a locked drawer. Though I am sure my kitten faces of doom have been mentally trying to figure out how to pick the lock.


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