Catnip Trials – Phase 2

For Halloween, we sent s samples of Kiara’s catnip blends to a few cats we know… Chester Moreau, the villain in Purr-a-Noia and The Vi-Purrs, which will debut around next Easter, uses catnip to manipulate other cats and I mentioned that in The Vi-Purrs, Chester had developed catnip blends … this was not only amusing, but potentially possible, so Kiara began researching catnip… Mr. M and Ms. Purrseidon have done a lot of product testing and for Halloween, we expanded the tests.

This is what Marcha Fox, proud mom of two bengals and temporary caretaker of Ms. Angel a chubby tuxedo, said:TempImage1446498708134

The catnip arrived.  What a hoot!  Wish I had a video.  I was holding Ophie’s usual afternoon treat of a piece of bread with the envelope on the counter a few feet away.  She took a few bites of the bread then went over to the envelope and starting showing a definite interest in it.  I opened it with some scissors over the kitchen table and pretty soon all three of them were there waiting.  They grabbed the little bat toys out of my hand and I had to risk a variety of aggressive moves to get them away so I could take them off the cardboard backing. 

I took everything into the living room so I could sit down on the couch to sort thru everything, the cats all now on the coffee table.  LOL.  Ophie grabbed the little bag (catnip blend samples in a larger bag) and tried to take off with it!  I got it back and took out the little packages and decided to give them some of the catnip mix.  OMG, they went nuts!  Way more than they do with fresh catnip.  They are usually only moderately interested in the dried stuff.  I gave each their own pinch and they really went crazy.  Even Angel, who has seemed somewhat indifferent to it up until now.  In fact, she and Hammie were pretty close to each other and even got into a brief territorial brawl over it!  

Needless to say a huge hit!  I’ll wait a day and try the other stuff.  Ophie absolutely loves the little bats and is playing fetch with one right now.  Thanks so much on my behalf as well as Ophelia, Hamlet and Angel who have definitely had a more exciting afternoon than the usual.  TempImage1446498608165



2 thoughts on “Catnip Trials – Phase 2

    1. Is she a cat that normally loves catnip? The tests have included cats that don’t normally pay attention to nip and they seemed as interested in Kiara’s blends as the “nip-a-holics”…. I include Mr. M in that unexpected group of rave reviewers.


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