Purrseidon and Chucky

P1130565We picked up a motion/ sound/ and light activated Chucky doll…the one from horror movies for a Halloween decoration. (And also to give Ms. Munchkin a good scare because a few weeks ago she made fun of Master Munchkin for being scared so we wanted to give her a scare to teach her not to ridicule others when they get startled.) Chucky’s sensors did not go off when I sent Ms. Munchkin to the front of the house even though she was talking, turned on all lights, and walked so close to him she almost touched him. However, a few minutes later, Mr. M and Purrseidon set off its motion detectors. Poor Purrseidon barreled out of there so fast he slid half the way. He is terrified of this doll…mind you it talks plus its head, eyes, and jaw all move….P1130555
Ms. Munchkin finally noticed Chucky and thinks he is the best thing ever. Not scared not even close to scared. Drat!
Mr. M and Saphera sniffed Chucky and knocked him over and have no issues… Poor Purrseidon will not take her eyes off it. We attempted to show  her that it won’t hurt and it is a toy, but failed.
The bad news is that we scared her without intending to. The good news is that we finally we have found something that will keep her off the kitchen counters. So my lesson did not go as planned but I think it turned out better for us.
I even tested Chucky in the driveway to make sure all sensors worked and they have went off every time since. I swear Ms. Munchkin has some weird magical abilities or something. Though this lesson in empathy failed, I shall eventually find a way to teach it.
P1130562  P1130441P1130388

2 thoughts on “Purrseidon and Chucky

    1. I suspect a bit of PTSD from the evil white cat, but am confident this will not last…. can’t imagine a cat that likes swimming in the ocean being intimidated by a toy for very long.


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