Mr. M…

P1130113Last night, Mr.  M  came into the bedroom and laid on the Saphera’s bed…. this morning I hear ping ping ping…. Ms Purrseidon had discovered  the door stop’s musical abilities….I told her to stop. She ran into the bathroom.
Then, a little while later, I heard the bathroom cabinets opening and closing; opening and closing, opening and closing … I yelled to ‘stop that’  and Purrseidon came barreling into the living room…. 5 minutes or so later, Mr. M came slithering out … so now I am not sure if the old man is feeling feisty, if Ms. Purr is training him in her annoying  kitten ways or what.  All I know is that Mr. M rarely goes into our bedroom and he usually stays in the front part of the house.
He also sat next to me the other day on the couch while I worked… it is embarrassing how happy that made me.
I wonder if I should be worried about this personality change and wonder if it could be due to all the ‘nip blend experiment combos Kiara has him and Purrseidon testing. For certain, I have not seen the old man so sociable and spry in years. (and yes, you heard right – Kiara is still so amused by the idea of the “Mr. M’s Special Blend” that is a minor plot element in The Vi-purrs that she seems to be turning into a drug dealer for cats.)

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