Mr. M’s Outing

P1120987Since Purrseidon wears her harness, she can go on walks outside. (County regulation for both cats and dogs.) This means that Mr. M, who doesn’t like harnesses and leashes, but does know how to behave with them, is normally limited to staying in the fenced back yard (he does not climb, and I suspect this is due to arthritic paws and since Saphera ‘uses’ the back yard, he rarely wants to go out). Well, he was willing to put on Purrseidon’s Sailor harness – this change of heart is a mystery. However, I have a theory that since getting the sailor harness, the weather and riptides have forced Ms. Purr to stay dry when she is on her outings. Perhaps M believes the old harness threw her into the ocean. I don’t know. P1120981

What I do know is that Mr. M was willing to put on the sailor harness (he does not know what a sailor is) and go out for a stroll … Y’all don’t know my dear old friend, so don’t understand how monumental this was. He is a ‘couch potato’  and I’ve always heard that exercise is good for arthritis.  So let us hope that he loved rolling in the grass so much that he will continue to be agreeable.


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