2 Cat-Themed Pumpkins

IF you’re tired of carving your pumpkins in the same old way – and you’re a cat lover, like me, I have 2 options for you.

  1. Kiara designed a Purrseidon stencil for me to use and I am sharing it with you, so you can print it out and have a cat pumpkin, too.

purr pumpkin stencil

If you think using the stencil is too difficult, my other option is  paint (you mask off the eyes, then pull off the tape + add ears, etc. with whatever you have handy)…. super simple. Of course, you can also get fancy and carve out the eyes, then put in a volitive candle, too…. I always call Halloween Mr. M’s special day 😉

 2. Painted Pumpkins:



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