Purrseidon’s Continuing Weather Issues


P1110564Yesterday, our backyard weather gauge measured over 7.75 inches. There was water covering some parts of the road when I walked Ms. Munchkin to the bus stop frogs were swimming in the road… no joke. We even saw a duck floating where the road should have been.

It was an odd morning and difficult to see where the sides of the road were, except for the fact that the water in the flood ditches seemed to be moving. Knowing Purrseidon, she would have wanted to leap in and that water was a lot deeper than she could stand up in. SO, she was not allowed to go meet the school bus.

Thus, when I came home and hung up the umbrella, I met hostile kitty eyes. She then settled down to gaze longingly out the window, so we allowed her to go outside and sit on the porch.

Purrseidon would have made a good mom – she has the silent guilt-look down pat.

Hopefully, by Monday, the remnants of tropical storm Grace will be wrung out and life can return to normal – and dry. In the meantime, I hope weeds don’t take over the garden and that frog doesn’t manage to sneak back in.P1110566


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