Purrseidon’s Day at the Beach

11800710_606686129434515_1036791757_oI think I’ve previously mentioned that Purrsideon’s name fits her to a T … You realize that her name is a play on Poseidon, the Greek God of Water, right? Well, she LOVES water of any sort: baths, dripping faucets, rain, mud puddles (which are doubly good because they end in a bath)…. Last week she had her ‘special surgery’, so the feeling was that for her next outing she should go somewhere fun. And she is really good on a leash… and she begged really, really hard to go to the beach.11800990_606686699434458_1887865003_o

Since it was supposed to be a short trip, she got her wish. Normally, she only gets to walk on the jungle trail (left), which is by the Intercostal Waterway, but she was determined to hike over to the beach.  She LOVED the Atlantic. (The beach was posted ‘No Dogs Allowed’. Fortunately, she isn’t a dog.) She wanted to go swimming, but I don’t think she knows how… she kept begging to ride the bogie board, but was told that would not happen until she had a life vest… She is on another computer using my Amazon Prime account to order one… Of course, no one makes life vests for CATS, so she is currently trying to figure out if she would fit a XXS doggie or if a XS pup size would be right ….

Some people ask me where I come up with the cat characters in Xander’s Sea Purrtector Files or they wonder why I thought to have Xander jump into water! Sheesh, in the photo below, The ‘Sea Kitten God’ is telling anyone who will listen to launch to bogie board. Need I say more?



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