Purrseidon’s Continuing Weather Issues …

P1100988Purrseidon’s schedule has been disrupted by the remnants of Tropical Depression, Erika, and she is angry at us. (Human staff is supposed to make the weather purrfect.) As per Weather.com, we’ll be getting remnants from Erika for the next few days. The next 3 days each have a 50% chance of rain, but the highest wind prediction is 12 mph, so we are planning indoor activities to minimize muddy prints on the floor.

As a conciliation, Purrseidon was given a water-activated shark toy, which was on the clearance rack.P1110001

Mr. M seemed to like the rubber corals that came with the shark … however he lost interest after the munchkins put them in the water. (Mr. M is Purrseidon’s elderly cat-companion and he generally spends 23 hours per day in dignified napping – it was quite unusual for him to show an interest in any toy, and as a proper cat, he hates water.)corals

Purrseidon’s shark is water activated and captain McChessey Nip’s piloting skills are lacking, so I would not advise anyone else to attempt to use both boat and shark in their tub at the same time…P1110006


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