Purrseidon: The Helper?

11924792_10204885107983488_1634459440_nPurrseidon was thrilled to help open kitchen cabinets, as groceries were being put away.  She was particularly helpful putting the water bottles away, but was not happy when the bag was taken away for safety reasons.  However, she was easily distracted by the noodle cup box –  box trumps plastic bag, right? Purrseidon flipped the box over and put it on like a turtle shell, then ran through the house wearing it. She always seems to do this sort of thing with boxes when the camera isn’t around or when everyone is in a position where they can’t grab it to take a photo – in this case, cutting up pork for Labor Day barbecue. When she got bored with playing turtle, or kitten-battle-bot or whatever that game was, she left the box.
Mr. M then took possession, so of course, Purrseidon had second thoughts, particularly when it became obvious that M had no intention of leaving.  (There is speculation that this could be revenge for not being allowed to enter the cushion fort.)

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