Purrseidon: Out & About

P1100833First the weather, then the missing harness, and then the weather, again … but FINALLY Purrseidon could quit trying to figure out the hula-hoop and go out for a short walk around the neighborhood.  She even laid down in the grass long enough for the camera to snap,P1110224

She then had the opportunity to check out the neighbor’s garage, while ‘human staff’ chatted about the weather, P1110231then finally went home and happily cuddled up to the dog… not Mr. M, which is a bit suspicious, so I don’t know what is going on between them, but suspect that, for some reason Purrseidon believes Mr. M had something to do with the missing harness… I still suspect the dog (Saphera). Mr. M has arthritic paws plus he isn’t as big or strong as Saphera. IMHO, Saphera had reason (jealousy) plus the necessary strength and skill to bury that harness under the cushions. However, I doubt if I will ever know for sure. P1110164


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