Purrseidon is NOT Happy about Erika…

Purr:Erika0Normally Sunday is beach day. Today, we have bands of tropical depression Erika passing through, so even when it isn’t raining (with lots of thunder & lightening, but not a lot of wind) it is overcast and gray… not a good beach day.

It was funny to watch Purrseidon’s expression after a particularly noisy band went through – she wasn’t sure about going out to check for puddles (and her harness was off, so we didn’t want her out, particularly knowing her ability to find mud. Besides, her harness was off because she’d had a bath and her fur was just getting dry.

Anyway, the dog needed to go out, but wasn’t quite sure if she really-really needed to go, or if she could wait for the grass to dry. (Yeah, the dog isn’t exactly typical, either … for one thing, the dog likes playing with hamsters or any other little rodent, but the results tend to be lethal.)Purr:Erika2



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