Purrseidon: Bath Toys

11998729_10204906773965124_450288285_nNo one knows why but Purrsedon is not happy with her boat …. possibly because Captain McCheesy is missing. Or possibly Captain McCheesy is missing because Purrseidon thought she was an incompetent boat driver, who kept banging into her shark….  Purrseidon might have removed her, then put the boat on the edge of the tub…. am not sure how it got in ‘dry dock’, either.
These are some things we will probably never know the answers to.
The shark’s batteries are wearing down, too. Even more concerning: the tail can come off, so that could be a choking hazard for small kitties or kids…. okay, maybe even puppies, since they’re probably more likely than kittens to love playing in the tub. Since the shark was found on the clearance rack for 2-3 dollars, it doesn’t matter a lot that the battery is failing after about a week, but if it had been full price, I would not be happy. 11922849_10204906771885072_1489757915_n

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